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Miicrobial Mass Pro

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MIICROBIAL MASS is specially developed to maximize plant yield using multiple bacterial species.



MIICROBIAL MASS harnesses the latest scientific understanding of rhizospheric microbiology and has been carefully developed to harness the power of beneficial bacteria in the root zone. Part of our research and development process involved extensive field testing in partner gardens across Canada utilizing a wide variety of nutrient programs, substrates, and growing practices in both indoor and outdoor settings This research has allowed us to identify with great precision the application rates necessary to achieve spectacular results in the majority of gardens and growing conditions.

Our proprietary blend of bacteria promotes a healthy root zone by solubilizing phosphorus and calcium, and assisting with the bioavailability of iron and other fertilization compounds from both organic and inorganic sources. Therefore, our customers are able to unleash the full potential of their crops without major changes to their growing practices.


How does MIICROBIAL MASS work?

Unlike many of the first generation of beneficial microbe products introduced into the market, MIICROBIAL MASS uses a highly targeted approach to inoculate the rhizosphere with a microbial consortium optimized to cycle nutrients in very specific ways. Utilizing the very latest scientific understanding of rhizospheric microbiology, our product development process involved the careful identification of several unique strains of bacteria which work in perfect harmony to perform some of the highly specific nutrient cycling functions required for optimal plant growth and development. The functional roles of each member of this bacterial consortium can be described as their modes of action.



MIICROBIAL MASS is compatible with all growing media and all base nutrients.

MIICROBIAL MASS is effective in any growing media and in any conventional or organic nutrient program. It is compatible with soil, supersoil, rock wool, coco coir, expanded clay pellets, deep water culture, nutrient film technique, and other hydroponic systems.

Ken 07-06-2021 21:42

My buddy said he orders everything from you guys

Colin 07-06-2021 21:26


Colin 04-06-2021 23:27

I just wanted to send a message letting you know that my microbial mass made it perfectly to my house and I couldn’t be happier that you all sent me a gift. I love microbial mass and will be ordering from you all every time. I look forward to trying out the chitosal product next, I currently use another chitosal product in the states but I like miicrobial mass so much I’m switching to them!
Thanks again!

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