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Take Your Plants to The Next Level!

An Organic Way To Maximize Your Plants Full Genetic Potential. ChitoSal has been carefully formulated to trigger a dramatic response using powerful plant effectors.

ChitoSal is made up of oligochitosanand salicin, growers are able to trigger two separate plant defense pathways and achieve amazing results with as little as five applications.

Our proprietary manufacturing process utilizes a perfect balance of oligochitosan and naturally-derived salicin to increase product quality in any cultivation system.


What is Oligochitosan?
Oligochitosan may be described as a nano-molecule of chitosan; a well-known plant effector.
Our unique process makes us the first to offer this highly superior, low-molecular weight molecule,
a far more bioactive substance than large chitosan molecules.


What is Salicin?
Salicin is a naturally-occuring plant effector found in certain varieties of plants such as Willow.
Salicin brings about the same type of response that we see from Oligochitosan, but it does so by
triggering a totally separate plant defense pathway. In this way, we are able to increase the
effectiveness of our product by capitalizing on two separate, but complimentary modes of action.


Grow Greasier, Gassier, Stickier, Stankier crops with One Simple Addition!


Directions For Use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

ChitoSal only needs to be applied once every two weeks. The first application is one week before transition to flower.

The first two applications are applied as a foliar spray at a dilution of 1.25ml/L of water. The following applications are applied to the root zone at a dilution of 2.5ml/L of water. ChitoSal is safe to use up until harvest.

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