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  • Burp Lids - Starter Pack

    No More Unscrewing all those lids!!

    Let’s face it, burping can be a painstaking process.

    It usually involves a LOT of jars and each one of them has to be screwed and unscrewed manually.

    And this has to be done every single day for however long it takes to achieve that perfect cure.

    Yes, we all know that burping is a kind of necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be the pain in the “bud” it normally is.

    With our exclusive BurpLids, it becomes an easy 3-step process.

    Place, Pump, Burp! DONE!

    The negative pressure will force feed fresh air into your jar! Do this once a day for at least 12 days to allow the chlorophyll to breakdown properly and achieve that smooth, flavorful taste.

    No more of that painstaking process of opening, waiting and closing your jars individually the old-fashioned way.


    Kit includes : 

    4x Burplids 

    1x Pump 

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  • Oil Slick Slab

    Protect your glass tools, and reclaim lost concentrates. Handle the stickiest extracts with ease, and never lose a dab to your table again! Featuring our revolutionary Slip Grip technology; the Slick Slab covers any large area with the smoothest, most non-stick material on the market today Ultra smooth on top, yet super grippy on the bottom, the Slick Slab wont slide or shift on even the slickest surface The purity you have come to expect from Oil Slick; matched with the pinnacle of German silicone engineering. Our Slick Slab is unlike any food grade material you have encountered. Six square feet of the the finest silicone in the world, the Slick Slab is a stylish and elegant solution that turns your ordinary table into an extraordinary display for your tools, glass, and concentrates

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  • Skilletools


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